Saturday, 23 June 2012

And...back to the panic

So just when I felt that I was finally getting things under control; Finding a reasonable balance between terror-driven non-stop revision and endless procrastination, organising work experience and various activities to pretty up a CV, starting my job; I had almost forgotten about the biggest question of all. This has just changed- UCAS is open, and the realisation has struck me that, when I was looking at the university applicant stalking pages on the Student Room, that I should really be on there. And I am still as clueless as ever. Have I made the wrong decision in rejecting the idea of medicine? And is it too late? Which science is best? What's the difference between molecular biology and biochemistry? Is it acceptable to choose a course because it has a name you can understand? Or because it means you don't have to decide where your life is going quite yet? The range of choice out there is, quite frankly, terrifying, and however much teachers, parents, those for whom the whole thing is behind them, say that it doesn't really matter which university you go to , or that you can always change your career, I know that this choice matters, hugely, and that there is absolutely nothing stopping me from stumbling blindly down the wrong path.

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