Saturday, 3 March 2012

Apologies, Resolutions and a Plan.

Two apologies to start of with.
-One, for neglecting to post nearly as often as I should.
- Two, for being so melodramatic ("Why? Why do I go on? I got a B- I might as well curl up in a hole and Di-eeeeee")
Now that's over with, here's a little update on my life. I have become addicted to fanfiction. I have been spending over an hour each evening trawling through endless pages of hilariously written (In so many ways) fics, which MAY explain why I'm not doing so well at school. So, to balance out the world, here are two early new year's resolutions. I am with the fools who still believe in the first of April.
- One, to read maximum 30 minutes of fanfiction a night, and only when I have done at least 2 hours of homework.
-  Two, to spend no more than £10 a month on books....In which case I might have enough of my allowance left to buy some new clothes, which I haven't done since last May.
Finally, I think I may have a plan. (For Uni, for a career...for life). Although I have decided that I do not (at this stage) want to be a doctor, I will study medicine, then go on to do a PhD in...something. (It's me. How likely is it that I would have done a proper plan?). I will then research it (with  the clinical degree giving more job security), retire at 60, and write my novel. I may also, at some point, move to Grenada to  party with Morgan Freeman.


  1. Medical librarianship is also an option.

    1. A comment! M. Scale, you have no idea how happy it makes me that someone is reading this, and yes, medical librarianship is one of the options i'm considering. (along with, now, natural sciences).